We are a locally owned and operated home based business and currently do not have a physical shop setup just yet. As we do plan to build and/or rent a building in the future to better serve our customers but, currently we are not yet at that stage.

Our best form of communication is via email for sending your designs and/or design ideas as we are not staffed to answer the phone at this time while we produce our custom products and we do apologize for this. We do realize this may make it very hard for some people to get in touch with us but, we’re just getting started and have limited resources at this time.

We currently use SSL encryption on our website to help our customers feel more secure out doing business with us and do not store any of your sensitive information, like bank or credit card information or any information if your checkout as a guest, for less of a chance of said information getting out in case of a security breaches. Along side of the encryption technology in place, we also use only PayPal as our main form of payment not only for our customers security but, our own.

Meet The Team:

Sara – Printing Specialist
David – Owner